Clown Shoes Galactica

Clown Shoes Double Dry Hopped Galactica Beer Review

Another work week is wrapping up and I have fallen behind on my reviews.  Long work days, family commitments and my long battle with the Christmas lights still hasn’t come to an end.  So far I’ve made three trips to Home Depot and been battling the rain.  Hopefully the weather gives me a shot in the next two days to wrap this job up.  Now for the beer review that we came here for.  Tonight I wanted to get back into some familiar waters with a Double Dry hopped IPA. I’ve had such success with them of late with reviews like Ass Down and the MC5.  Clearly the Clown Shoes’s Double Dry Hopped Galactica caught my eye at the store.  So lets break this bad boy down.


Double Dry Hopped Galactica Stats:


Brewery: Clown Shoes Brewery


Style: American Imperial IPA


Alcohol by volume (ABV): 8.00% 


The Galactica pours into a dark golden color with very little to no hazy.  The pours leaves a semi thick cream-colored head that leaves no lacing.  The aroma is robust with a caramel, citrus funk smell that is topped off with a smokey touch. That smokey aroma comes across in the taste after a slight citrus taste hits you that is mixed in with a strong caramel taste. The smokey taste lingers for quite long that makes me think this would go great with a nice cigar. The medium body with a sweet toffee taste goes down smooth that may make you grow a few hairs on your back.


Overall this a very good beer.  It’s a great beer in the winter that is full of the hops that most craft drinkers crave.  The smokey taste can be a bit over whelming so if that isn’t up your alley you might not be able to drink to many.  For these cold nights I think I found a great beer to match the mood.  This Galactica will find its way back into my home for sure.